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Another new carrier on the block 9.10.18 by Carol Kite, SSL Consultant

The Boba X made a very quiet entry into the sling world this summer. It is one of the new breed of carriers that is designed to see you through from new baby to toddler hood. It comes in a stylish box and does exactly what the box says! Of all the adjustable carriers this one certainly does adapt and fit both ends of the spectrum without compromise.

The magic is acheived by a fully adjustable panel that adjusts in width and length going from 8 to 21 inches in width and 12 to 16 inches in height. A velcro arrangement within the waist band allows for fine tuning of size width wise and webbing straps to the side of the panel allow for length adjustments. The carrier is tested to be used from 7 to 45lbs. The soft fabric clinches down well to the smaller settings- something I had found a problem with some other products in this category such as the Lenny Up.

It is often at the extremes that I feel for carriers like this that are a compromise. It is certainly not the case with the Boba X. I would happily use it for a babe of a few weeks or for a toddler who still needs to be held and carried at times.

In the Boba X the smallest of babies will fit comfortably. The hood is rolled inside the carrier rather like the Boba 4G and makes a good neck support for the little ones. The fabric moulds well to support the curve of a new baby’s body and supports them whilst holding them snugly. The leg opening is well padded and adds to the overall comfort for a tiny baby.

Once babe gets to toddler size there are zip in adjusters to add to widen the seat which gives the X that extra lease of life and lifts it from a standard size carrier to a toddler one. These neatly fit in place and the zips are fully concealed so there is no nasty rubbing. Again they are well padded so making the carrier comfortable on the back of the legs. Your only problem will be remembering where you have stored them until they are needed!

The Boba X also has features to appeal to the care givers. A bag strap on the shoulder strap so that carrying a shoulder bag is made easier, and a small pocket in the waist band that is big enough for keys and a phone so that a bag isn’t always needed.

The shoulder straps are designed so that they can be worn ruck style or crossed. They are curved in similar fashion to the Boba 4G and therefore fit really well for ruck style carrying, I felt the crossed version was less successful and I couldn’t get them to sit as flat and be as supportive as I wished.

PFA[ perfect fit adjusters] make the carrier extra adjustable for the care giver. The PFAs are great for getting a snug fit for back carries even on small frames. The waist belt fits from 25-58″ so making it super flexible and useful if the carers who use it are very different in size. The side straps are easy to adjust, these are dual adjust so enables one to find the sweet spot for placement – I personally hate straps that bite into my arm pit as I tighten them!

My initial disappointment was it came only in grey as I prefer interesting patterns or less monochrome colours. Boba have obviously responded to feedback as the range of options now has something to suit all tastes. The Mademoiselle gets my vote.

At £125 it isn’t the cheapest carrier around but as it will last for so long, I feel it makes a sound investment. If you want one carrier to see you through all your babywearing , a carrier that adjusts well for different care givers, then this carrier is certainly worth considering.

Salisbury Sling Library has Boba Xs that you can hire so you can try it yourself before buying.