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What to expect at a Library Meet

Our library meets are held at various locations in and around Salisbury. Our calendar of upcoming events can be found here.

Attendance to our library meets is subject to appointment ONLY. If you haven’t pre-booked, you will not be able to see one of our peer supporters for help and advice. Here’s what to do in 10 easy steps:

1. Pre-book your 10 minute appointment via our booking system. Firstly, choose your preferred venue from our calendar of meeting dates here.

2. This will take you to the event information, where you can choose your preferred time slot. All time slots are 30 minutes in length, in which we offer 2 appointments. You will see one of our volunteers for your 10 minute appointment during that 30 minute period, in the order that you arrive.

3. Once you have booked, you will receive an email “your booking has been received”. One of the Sling Library volunteers will then process your booking and confirm it.

4. You will then receive a “Your booking has been confirmed” email, which will contain a short questionnaire which you must complete and email back to us as soon as possible (and at least 24 hours prior to your appointment), so we can make sure we have the recommended slings and advice ready for your appointment.

5. Please familiarise yourself with our Library Covid-19 risk assessment below, so we can all stay Covid safe.

6. Please set up the Salisbury Sling Library as a recipient for online banking PRIOR to your appointment, as bank transfer is our preferred method of payment and donations:

Salisbury Sling Library

Sort code: 30-98-97

Account number: 42306168

7. If you intend to hire a sling/carrier, please also set up an account in our online hiring system PRIOR to your appointment. You will also need to add details of a credit/debit card under the “Payment Methods” tab, as we use this as a deposit guarantee (we do not take cash).

8. When arriving at the venue for your sling library appointment, please be sure to follow all the current covid-19 guidelines.

9. You will have time to consider up to 2 slings/carriers and try them on before hiring, or receive fitting advice about your own sling/carrier.

10. If you specifically would like advice about stretchy wraps or newborn carrying, please book into the Stretchy Wrap demonstration, which is a 25 minute talk and demo about the 4th trimester and using a stretchy wrap. By attending, you also qualify to hire one of our Boba cotton stretchies for 3 months for just £10!

ENJOY YOUR SLING! Remember, we are here for help via the Facebook group, Salisbury Sling Talk and Library, if you get home and need a bit of troubleshooting, or you can always book into another library meet as above.

Alternatively, if you find you just need more time, would like a home appointment or need more specific or in depth advice, please contact our volunteer Susie at Helix Baby for a private consultation.

Salisbury Sling Library meet RISK ASSESSMENT

This risk assessment has been produced following the Government guidance, and is subject to change as the guidance does.







Library Users, others using the venue

– Appointment system only.

– Please arrive on time, not early, for your appointment.

– Volunteers to ensure Users are aware of appointment only access

SEPT 2020

Entering premises

Library users

– Please use hand sanitiser when entering the venue, if provided.

– All parties to provide their own face mask/shield.


SEPT 2020


Social distancing

Library Users, Library Volunteers

– 2m social distancing must be adhered at all times.

– Face masks or shields must be worn at all times.

– A maximum of 6 people, including Library Volunteers, will be present at any one time.

– Users are responsible for ensuring their children also adhere to social distancing at all times.

– Users to bring their own blanket/car seat etc if they need to place their child down.

SEPT 2020


Trying on slings

Library Users, Library Volunteers

– Both parties to use hand sanitiser prior to handling slings.

– Each User will be limited to considering/trying on 2 slings maximum.

– The Volunteer will demo the chosen sling in the first instance. The User can then decide to try on if they wish. A duplicate of the same sling will be offered if available.

– Separate demo dolls will be used by the User and Volunteer, where available.

– Every sling tried on by the User that is not hired, will be quarantined for 72 hours afterwards and will not be available for the rest of the session.

– Used demo dolls will be cleaned between each User use.

SEPT 2020


Taking hires/payments

Library Users, Library Volunteers

– If the User plans to hire a sling, they must create an account in the Library MyTurn hiring system PRIOR to their appointment.

– Online bank transfer payments to be made the same day, contactless card payments can be accepted at some Library sessions only.

– If the User has not created an account, they can do so on their own smart device just before or during their appointment. If this can’t be done, the User can not hire.

SEPT 2020


Returning hired slings

Library Users, Library Volunteers

– Slings and all accessories must be returned in the cotton bag provided when hired.

– Place in the large bag for returned slings, which will be placed in an easily accessible place in the venue.

– These will be quarantined for 72 hours before laundering.

– Volunteer to wash hands after handling slings during quarantine period.

SEPT 2020



Library Users, Library Volunteers

– No refreshments will be provided by the Sling Library.

– Some venues have a café from which you can purchase refreshments. If not, Users are welcome to provide their own snacks/drinks.


SEPT 2020