the sling library

What to expect at a drop-in

Our drop-in library sessions are held weekly at various locations in and around Salisbury. Our calendar of upcoming events can be found here.

If you have never attended one of our drop-in sessions, here’s what to expect in 10 easy steps!

1. Please sign in with our Admin Volunteer. Briefly explain what you need help with so we can allocate which Peer Supporter is best to help you.

2. If you would like help with your own sling, we ask for a donation of £2 to help towards room costs, training of our Peer Supporters and our insurance.

3. There may be a short wait while we help others who have also arrived for advice. We aim to see everyone in order of arrival if we can.

4. Please support your local venue by purchasing a drink or snack if you can, while you wait. There are usually toys/books available that little ones can entertain themselves with too.

5. If you intend to hire a carrier/sling, and you haven’t already done so, please create an account on our new online hiring system here. You will also need to add details of a credit/debit card under the “Payment Methods” tab, as we use this as a deposit guarantee. 

6. We will call your name when we are ready to help you, so please let our Admin Volunteer know if you have to leave for any reason!

7. We aim to give everyone a 10-15 minute slot. This is enough time to look at 2 types of sling/carrier and to try one, or get fitting advice/help with your own carrier.

8. If you wish to hire, please take the sling/carrier to our Admin Volunteer who will “check out” the item for you, give you a cotton bag to keep it in and any other accessories applicable.

9. Payment can be made at the drop-in session by credit/debit card or cash. 
A list of hire prices can be found here.

Remember, we are here for help via the Facebook group, Salisbury Sling Talk and Library, if you get home and need a bit of troubleshooting!