Creating a Caring, Carrying Community


Attachment Parenting Conference

Susie and I attended the Attachment Parenting conference in Bristol in September. It was a fascinating day and there was a lot to be learnt about babywearing.

It was lovely to see so many parents carrying their children, we spotted many different carriers from beautiful wraps, Connectas, buckles aplenty and some tiny babies in stretchies. Babywearing meant that parents could attend the day long conference whilst their babies were happily snuggled with Mum or Dad, which otherwise may have been a challenge. We hardly heard a peep from the babies all day!  

During the day we were lucky enough to listen to a fascinating talk by Dr Rosie Knowles, author of “Why Babywearing Matters”

Rosie Knowles is a babywearing consultant at the Sheffield Sling Surgery, a GP and mother of two. She contracted meningitis as a baby and lost her hearing, she is profoundly deaf and relies of lip reading and hearing aids to be able to deliver such talks, which is inspiring in itself but she had so much knowledge to pass on.

She spoke about our early ancestors and how our anatomy was built around carrying our babies, we saw pictures of babywearing in different cultures and how this was the everyday norm. She explained the benefits of babywearing in terms of attachment and how this can counteract the effect of any early adverse traumatic experiences and shape the child’s brain. We left with the realisation of just how important carrying really is, and has always been in parenting.

She presented clear evidence that babywearing can influence the future generation in terms of the secure and positive attachment carrying provides, essential to physical and psychological health, which then impacts on adult relationships and life decisions in later life. Babywearing matters indeed!

Laura Cassidy- Peer Supporter