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Connecta Toddler review 19.9.16 by Lucy, SSL member

We tried the Connecta toddler carrier with petite straps. There is also a standard and pre school size available. All can be bough with either standard or petite straps.

From their website: ‘We make the best baby carrier in the world. A baby carrier for BOTH parent and baby. A carrier that makes life easier.’

The best baby carrier in the world is quite a statement to live up to.Here’s what we thought.

Vital statistics

This month we have tried toddler connecta, for which the suggested age is from 18 months. We had the Petite straps which have 1 inch less padding in the shoulder straps. This enables them to be tightened a little bit more, which is good for back carries when you are smaller framed.. This carrier comes in a multitude of different colours, designs and fabrics with both liberty print and Harris tweed available in addition to the usual variety of cotton fabrics. We had one of the limited edition wrap fabric carriers to put through its paces.

This carrier drew admiring glances and compliments from strangers while we were using it. The connecta folds down to hardly anything when not in use and will easily be stashed away into most changing bags. Although it’s lightweight with no extra padding in the panel or the seat this doesn’t seem to detract from its comfort for the both baby and the baby wearer. The sleep hood is simple and works buy clipping the corners of the hood to clips on the straps. It’s large and provides plenty of protection from sunshine and showers.

A brilliant feature of this sling is its adjustable seat – the lack of rigid waist band means the seat created for baby can be easily adjusted with the accessory strap to provide a perfect fit each time. The Connecta is suitable from birth (3.5kg/7.5lb) without the need for additional inserts or complex adjustments until 24lb so you can carry your child right through until toddlerhood. This accessory strap can also be used a chest strap. If like myself, you are used to an integrated chest strap it will come as no surprise to you that you will spend several minutes of the day trying to locate the thing! If you do loose the chest strap replacements are available from the Connecta website and in the meantime you could avoid needing to use it as the straps are crossable, ideal for weight distribution.

Pros: Beautiful fabrics Ergonomic shape Compact User friendly Comfortable for baby wearer and baby.

Cons: The chest strap not being attached to the sling. Now I’m being picky – but, could it be more comfortable under babies’ knees with a smidgen of padding?

Summary: Yes. It’s a contender for the best sling in the world.