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covid-19 update Continued doorstep hires & Virtual drop-ins

Covid-19 will continue to disrupt the Sling Library drop-in meets for the foreseeable future, so come and see us ONLINE!

We are sad to announce that the Salisbury Sling Library face to face drop-in sessions will continue to be on hold for the foreseeable future. 

Our volunteers all have young children that attend the sessions with them and one is also pregnant. Until the current social distancing measures are lifted, we would not expect any of them to risk themselves or their children by attending a potentially busy drop-in session. 

However, if you need basic babywearing help, need help fitting your own carrier, or want to know which sling/carrier to hire, then help WILL be on hand . . . Virtually!

We have started running a fortnightly, social drop-in for anyone wanting help or just in need of a chat! Currently held on a Wednesday morning at 10am, you are able to just join in via Zoom at any time during the session and ask a question. 

We have the ability to see you privately via “break-out” rooms during the session, which can be booked prior to the session, so you don’t have to speak in front of the whole group if you don’t wish to.

The private break-out room sessions are limited to 10-15 minutes only – the same as if you were attending a drop-in meet. This is enough time to discuss 2 carriers and have a demonstration of 1, or to help you fit your own carrier.

Please be aware that all the Peer Supporters are volunteers, they will likely be at home with their children to entertain too. 

If you need additional help (more than 15 minutes), then you are welcome to join us again at the next virtual drop-in session. 

Alternatively, you can book a private consultation with Susie of Helix Baby, one of the library consultants. She is offering private online or socially distanced face to face appointments and can provide any babywearing support you need. You can also hire directly from her, as well as try and purchase. 

If you would like to hire a carrier or sling, you can still do so via contactless doorstep pick up or postal delivery.

There will be an option of a weekly postal service (postage payable by the hirer), or contactless doorstep pick up from Salisbury, Fordingbridge or Verwood (dependant on sling availability).  

Hires are for 2 or 4 weeks only, costing £10 or £15 respectively. Payment to be made by bank transfer. All other sling hire terms apply.


Get in touch with us via Facebook or email to arrange a sling/carrier hire, to book your 15 minute drop-in session or if we can be of any help!

Stay safe and stay babywearing x