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Integra size 1 review 9.7.20 by Lauren Sporle, SSL Peer Supporter

Hi Salisbury Sling Library!

“I recently hired the Integra from the library as my Moby buckle carrier waistband felt too chunky and uncomfortable while wearing my 8 month old on my front.
The Integra is excellent as it doesn’t have a waistband as such, as it is mainly made up of a fabric panel and straps only. I didn’t feel like going without a waistband completely (like the Onbuhimo style carrier Susie has recently featured), so the Integra was a good in between.”
“It was simple and I liked the thick secure straps as they weren’t too long. I rolled up the ends using the elastic strap, though they didn’t feel super long compared to other carriers I have tried.
The fabric panel felt cool, even though it doesn’t have the mesh technology that some of the other buckle carriers have, it didn’t feel too thick and the material felt soft.
I am also a sucker for a pretty pattern, which is why I was drawn to the Integra in the first place!
My baby is average weight and is 8 months old. The Integra went nicely knee to knee for my son without any adjustments.
I rushed out on a walk without checking exactly how the sleep hood fitted, it was quite big which I liked, as the sleep hood is too small on my old carrier. I attached the hood on one side, and tucked the other strap on the same side, which was good for my walk, but I will look at the instructions properly for when I need more support, for example if I was bending down or wearing Ben on my back.
It also packs up really small and felt light, so I would highly recommend this carrier as it was so simple!”
Lauren x
If you would like to hire an Integra buckle carrier, please browse our sling library itinerary and get in contact with us!