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Kahu Sunshine review 26.2.20 by Alys Hunter, SSL member

Hi Salisbury Sling Library!

I borrowed your Kahu waterproof buckle carrier fresh from the box this week. We tried it out today so I thought I would give you my thoughts (as requested by Alice!).

So it’s a soft, structured carrier with buckles, and is suitable for 7lbs upwards. In terms of fit, it goes on much like the Beco Gemini I’m currently borrowing, but there are a few differences:

  • The seat is adjusted with a single strap on the left, and it tightens to pull in the material and make an appropriate “saddle”. We will need to play around with this but it was pretty easy to adjust.
  • The padded straps can be worn crossed at the back, again like the Beco and a number of the other buckle carriers.

It was very quick to put on and easy to adjust. I’d normally inward face my baby, but as his head control is reasonable and he enjoys it, we tried 10 minutes of outward facing. I haven’t used a normal Kahu before, but rolled down the head support to clip across the chest. This seemed acceptable to Spawn 2, so in we went to the pool.

The carrier is great in that you could have 2 hands free for your other child/children. Spawn 2 enjoyed waving his arms/legs around and being at a great height to see his brother playing in the water. The closeness gave him some extra heat as well.

Taking the wet carrier off was very easy – we shall see how easily it dries.

Overall I was impressed. I personally wouldn’t use this for a newborn, mainly because of the saddle adjustment. I think it could be a bit too firm on teeny tiny thighs. Also, for a younger baby, I’d want them to be in an aqua-babygrow for the same reason.

I think this carrier will work really well for people who have several children and are too wussy to use a ring sling like me!

Alys xx