Creating a Caring, Carrying Community


Our volunteers


I’m Abi, a volunteer consultant for Salisbury Sling Library. My baby wearing journey started with my daughter being born in February 2016, I attended a number of sling meets and started to help out where I could before undergoing training to become a peer supporter in Feb 2017, I then started training to become a consultant in March 2019. My full time job is being mummy to my little girl born Feb 2016 and son born Oct 2018.

I have also volunteered with Get Wiltshire Walking as a walk leader – breaking the assumptions that walking groups are for the retired! Some weeks walking 2/3 walks carrying my daughter as I went. Great way to get out of the house, get some exercise, get some fresh air and meet other people! I’m convinced that my little girl benefitted from being in the sling and being part of conversations with lots of different people. She is a little confident social butterfly now!

My favourite type of sling is a SSC although have been known to favour a Ring Sling, and have dipped my toes in the world of wrapping.


Peer supporter, mum to Thomas and twins George and Oliver.

I started carrying with my first briefly when he was born, but gave up as I found what I was using was very uncomfortable. Around 6 months old I started volunteering to do Admin help at the library and started carrying again with much better carriers. I then completed my training as a peer supporter to help other parents and care givers to carry their children.

I have since used a range of buckled carriers, tried wrapping and now mainly use ring slings for quick up/downs for an active toddler. I completed some additional training to add to my carrying knowledge in 2018, including carrying twins – which as it happened turned out to be very useful to me personally and the library now has a “resident real life twin carrying peer supporter”!


I first came to the sling world when I had my own children, as a grandma I have enjoyed using carriers with my 4 grandbabes.

It has been fascinating to see how the world of carrying has developed. I have been into carrying for 40 years [with a few breaks!].

Initially with my own children I carried for convenience but when I re-entered the world with the grandchildren I soon appreciated more of the benefits of slings. Because I wanted to help others on their carrying journey, I trained as a peer supporter and then a consultant with the School of Babywearing.

I cofounded Salisbury sling library off the ground and have managed the organisation of it for the last 5 years


My name is Lou, I started babywearing when my eldest was born in 2014. I was gifted a high street narrow based carrier but didnt get on with it. I was going to give up babywearing when a friend told me about a sling library. I went and tried out two and decided on babyhawk Meh dai. I used this for 2 years using it for dog walks and for places where pushchairs arent practical.

While expecting my youngest in 2016, I was introduced Salisbury Sling library. Now a mum of two, I have found babywearing invaluable and have explored a wider range of slings types and carry on an almost daily occurence. Babywearing has so many benefits to babies, parents and the whole family and I wanted to share this with people.

I started volunteering for Salisbury Sling Library in September 2018 and trained as a peer support in March 2019


Hi, I’m Andi, mum to 5 beautiful girls. I am a primary school teacher and have been working in education for 25 years!

I began my babywearing journey with my eldest (24 years ago!) but lack of knowledge and a very uncomfortable carrier led to it being a very brief experience. I tried again with my next child and was again pretty unsuccessful.

When my 3 little surprises came along, I was determined to master the skills needed to keep them close. I went along to a sling meet and was given the help, encouragement and support to get me on my way. I am now one of the library’s trained peer supporters and am so thrilled to be able to give something back.


I started my baby wearing journey with my first born after going along to a sling library drop-in to get some help. That day was the start of a slippery slope of sling love!

I began volunteering for the library before then training as a Peer Supporter in March 2017. When baby number 2 came along, he was the perfect demonstration baby for my monthly 4th trimester talks I began doing in late 2017.

I am now a fully trained consultant and run my own babywearing consultancy and retail business, Helix Baby, offering private consults, workshops and retail alongside running a sling meet voluntarily once per month for the Sling Library too.


I’m Alice, I’m a Christian, mother to two bears, a breastfeeding counsellor for NCT and peer supporter at the sling library since May 2019.

I love beautiful woven wraps and enjoy learning the art of wrapping. It brings me great joy to see parents enabled to cuddle their babies (big or small) while still getting on with the rest of life.


Dani started with Salisbury Sling library as a mum on maternity looking for something to keep her brain awake. Having a background teaching and training it seemed like a natural fit. A year and a half later and she has completed her Consultancy course and is helping out at both the Fordingbridge and Salisbury meets.