Creating a Caring, Carrying Community


“My baby doesn’t like being in a carrier!”

One of the things that often happen when we put a baby in a carrier for the first time is that they cry. For some parents this is enough to make them not want to continue, but it doesn’t have to mean that babywearing isn’t for you.

It is very common for babies to fuss and wriggle when they first go in a carrier, it is a new experience and they are programmed to reject the unfamiliar. Very quickly if you start to talk to them, and move around they will be soothed and settle and then begin to enjoy the closeness.

If you are anxious or unsure how to use the carrier they will pick up your anxiety and respond to it. It helps if you are really familiar with your carrier before you use it with your baby.

  • Check you know how to adjust and fit it by reading the instructions carefully and watching some Youtube videos. Of course you can also come to a library meet for us to check fit and positioning.
  • Practice first with a doll or teddy so you are confident with holding the baby in the right position.
  • Use it at home to start with, so you are in familiar surroundings and not phased by having to do it in public with others watching.
  • Start with short carries and build up the length of time your baby is in the sling.
  • Make sure they are not hungry, have a dirty nappy or are overtired when you first use it.

With a gentle introduction your baby will soon learn to love the closeness of being carried and indeed as they get older will even seek out the experience. This article from Sheffield Sling Library is well worth a read if you are starting off on your carrying journey or have a baby who seems not to enjoy it.