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Review of Fidella Fusion 14.8.16 by Lucy, SSL member

This sling is made by Fidella who have carried out a conversion whereby a woven wrap, (also made by Fidella) is transformed into this toddler size full buckle carrier. This means you get all the cushiony softness of a quality woven wrap but in the form of a buckle carrier. It’s a delight. We all really liked it.

The Fidella Fusion is really soft (as if knitted out of marshmallow fluff by fairies – that soft), it’s like a hug in a wrap the way it snuggles your toddler to you all the while keeping their legs in the ergonomically correct position. My little ones were both very happy and cosy in it. Is it possibly that just looking at it made me want to carry the children more?

My daughter, the eldest of our two children, who simply prefers to walk these days asked me for a slingy cuddle this afternoon. She’s 3.5 years old and on the brink of being too large, at least according to Fidella, who say that the max weight for this sling in 33lbs. She is exactly that, but still fits really neatly and I think she will for some time longer. This sling is adjustable and will grow with your baby from 4 months old until well into and almost through toddlerhood. It has adjustable ties on each edge of the main panel and can be easily altered to fit different sized children and clinched right in for younger babies. We used it for front, back and tandem carries with my eldest and my littlest (1.5yo and 25lb.) We went for dog walks, to the park, in and out of shops, to the zoo and it was specifically used to get the smallest to sleep.



  • Lightweight Suitable for hot/warm days Really super snuggly – comfy for both toddler and baby wearer.
  • Folds down really small and easily fitted into our changing bag or under the pushchair.
  • Easy to adjust for different sized children.
  • A couple of straps and loops on the waist belt for hanging various essentials (keys, sling mirror, bottle of water etc).
  • Fantastic array of colours, ranging from vintage to zen, manly to floral. Something for everyone.


  • I didn’t miss having safety loops on the shoulder straps but I did notice that there weren’t any. It made me mindful when putting the carrier on.
  • The straps on the sleep hood are too short. Far too short. Impossible to put over a sleeping child in a back carry without assistance.
  • The hood is also attached which is almost certainly a pro, unless you are used to being able to remove it, in which case you might miss this option.

Summary: You should buy it