Creating a Caring, Carrying Community


Sling Library Superheros

September was Sling Library Appreciation Month and it was a busy start for all our library volunteers after the Summer break.

We kicked off with attending Picnic In The Park- a great opportunity to meet and chat to babywearers and those interested in babywearing. It was a fantastic event, the weather was kind and there was a great buzz as parents and children enjoyed the free activities on offer.

Once home I needed to get my brain in gear and start the ball rolling for our first meet the following week. Return reminders were sent out, an event put on facebook and the conversation opened as to what people were planning to come to try. Then off to my sewing room[ yes sewing room!] and a lot of moving and sorting to bring out all the carriers that had been tucked away for the summer.

Then on meet morning the car was packed and I was ready to go. Alas parking isn’t easy at this venue so I am grateful to my OH who drops me off and helps load and unload the bags.

There were lots of new parents to see at the meet, some who we had met the week before in the park, and our feet hardly touched the ground. Luckily we had a new admin helper so Sarah, our volunteer peer supporter, was able to help me see parents. This time it was the Zen carrier that was the most wanted and by the end of the session we had run out. Odd how sling hires go in phases.

Back home again, all the carriers that had been returned needed to be washed and the missing ones chased up. Then paper work all had to be updated, hire confirmations sent out along with sling instructions and new hire monies logged. As always I was glad when all that was done and I could relax until of course I started getting ready for the meet the following week!

Behind the scenes between meets I have been sewing. We use scrap makes to help fund our activities. Being able to cover room hire and insurance costs from these really helps. The library is entirely self funded and so every little we can raise helps.

Keeping up is a major challenge for the library. All the new carriers and changing needs is the stuff of nightmares, there are now so many brands and models on the market and parents obviously want to see and try the latest models. The latest trend is for adjustable carriers that will see you through from birth to toddlerhood and we have had to buy several of those. Then with the Summer being so fabulous this year we had to buy lots more lightweight carriers. There always seems to be something on the shopping list! We have some fab suppliers who help us but the money never stretchies as far as I would like.

I do love that the work the library has done over the last 5 years means that carrying your child has now become so much more the norm in Salisbury. It is great seeing babies in carriers at local events and hearing how slings have helped parents cope. It is wonderful the connections the library has helped to forge.