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Summer Baby Wearing

When the sun shines each and every day as it has of late, then lighter weight carriers really come into their own. Whatever your preferred type of carrier there will be a cooler option that is worth trying, so that you can both stay comfortable in the warmer weather.

Stretchy wraps that contain bamboo are cooler to use in warm weather, a woven wrap or ring sling that contains linen or even silk will help to keep you comfortable however high the mercury rises. If you are looking for a buckle carrier several have mesh or even UV fabric, so it is worth checking out the Beco Cool, Izmi Breeze, Tula Coast, Lillebaby Air and Integra Solar.

And whatever is your new go to carrier ,don’t forget to add shady hats.

If you follow basic sling safety in warm weather then carrying can enable you to make the most of the sunshine.