Creating a Caring, Carrying Community


Why I carry my grandchildren

I carry you because I carried your mother:

And I want to pass on my parenting skills.  Each generation can help the next by sharing knowledge and giving encouragement

I carry you because it helps your parents:

It gives them time together, time to rest, time to do jobs, time to look after your sibling whilst  knowing your needs are being met.

I carry you because it helps you:

It helped you with that colicy tummy when you were first born, it helps you feel safe and secure, it helps you when you are tired and need to be able to relax and sleep. It has helped you when you grew and your legs were too tired for walking.

I carry you because I can help you explore the world:

Being held and as one with me I can show you what there is to know from my perspective. Do you remember all the places we have explored together, the smells and sights we have experienced as one, the chats we have had as you have had experiences for the first time?

I loved our early morning trips around Waterloo J, seeing the world wake up and also when we have walked home from Nursery and you decided the game was that we had to study our reflections in each parked vehicle.

I carry because it builds our connection and helps us reconnect after a time apart:

Coming up in the carrier when you visit is your coming home. We can look into each others eyes and instantly know one another and go forward in our relationship.

But most of all I carry you as an expression of love.