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Zebulo review 12.1.18 by Nam Taan Mestre, SSL member

Now being a big fan of Mamaruga, my latest hire was the new release from Mamaruga called the Zebulo. It’s called the Zebulo because it combines features from their zensling and buckle carriers. My hire was in beautiful ‘glittering sky’ design

It’s really easy to put on and there are lots of key areas that are adjustable;

       adjustable bottom section with no padded band to create a narrow or wide base for baby/toddler,

       body section also adjustable to suit short/taller babies and also to find a comfy fit for the wearer,

       the padded straps also added comfort and can be crossed,

       hood which is easy to attach or create a neck support,

       folds up small.

 For me though, the Zebulo didn’t make me love it like I do it sister carrier the Zensling. I found the straps harder to adjust as they all had elastic bands holding the straps together so as not to create extra slack, but this in turn made it harder for me to make changes. Then again it could have also been that the carrier was so new, it just needed wearing in. I realise that you can probably remove these bands. I also found that the material wasn’t soft or stretchy like the Zensling but I can see how this would be a good thing as it wouldn’t slouch as baby gets bigger. I however, prefer the stretchy material from the Zensling because it’s like giving my baby a big hug at the same time, as she seems moulded to me. The straps on the Zebulo do not extend outwards like the Zensling, and for me I really like the extended straps, as it distributes the weight better for me and my petite frame.

I really wanted to love this but it didn’t do it for me. I’m sure it will benefit others though. I would love to hear what other people think.

Thank you Nam Taan Mestre for sharing your thoughts with us.