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Babywearing in a pandemic by Elisa Smith, SSL member

Babywearing in a pandemic by Elisa Smith, SSL member Hi, I’m Elisa, a full time Mum with a premature baby. How had babywearing helped me through the COVID19 pandemic you ask? Well, let me tell you… Some may think that babywearing is an outdoor thing… but how useful they can be indoors is something I’m … Read more

My babywearing journey by Hannah Nilsumran, SSL member

My babywearing journey by Hannah Nilsumran, SSL member 26.3.20 I first encountered baby babywearing with my twins Allie and Linc five years ago – it was a complete eureka moment when I realised I could strap one to me and have hands free to deal with the other one. Never quite mastered the art of … Read more

How Did You Get Into This? – by Carol Kite, SSL Consultant

How did you get into this? I am often asked how I got into doing this-with the this being running a sling library and advising on babywearing- and I must admit I often ask myself the same question! Being a retired, grandmother I am not your typical sling librarian. Yet my paths so far in my … Read more

Why I carry my grandchildren. – By Carol Kite, SSL Consultant

Why I carry my grandchildren I carry you because I carried your mother: And I want to pass on my parenting skills.  Each generation can help the next by sharing knowledge and giving encouragement I carry you because it helps your parents: It gives them time together, time to rest, time to do jobs, time … Read more

A Babywearing Childminder! – by Anna Taylor, SSL Member

A babywearing childminder I had my daughter in 2015. I had never really heard of baby wearing, but as a solo mum I thought it might be something that could help. I went to my first Sling meet and never looked back! Baby wearing became a vital and wonderful tool in my parenting tool kit. … Read more

Attachment Parenting Conference – by Laura Cassidy, SSL Peer Supporter

Attachment Parenting Conference Susie and I attended the Attachment Parenting conference in Bristol in September. It was a fascinating day and there was a lot to be learnt about babywearing. It was lovely to see so many parents carrying their children, we spotted many different carriers from beautiful wraps, Connectas, buckles aplenty and some tiny … Read more

Babywearing and adoption – by Carol Kite, SSL Consultant

Babywearing and Adoption Firstly congratulations on having been matched with a child and bringing them into your family if you are reading this as new adoptive parents. The adoption route to parenthood can take far longer than having birth children and be far more stressful. As instant parents you will be concerned about meeting your … Read more