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Integra size 1 review by Lauren Sporle, SSL Peer Supporter

Integra size 1 review 9.7.20 by Lauren Sporle, SSL Peer Supporter Hi Salisbury Sling Library! “I recently hired the Integra from the library as my Moby buckle carrier waistband felt too chunky and uncomfortable while wearing my 8 month old on my front.  The Integra is excellent as it doesn’t have a waistband as such, … Read more

Kahu Baby Sunshine review by Alys Hunter, SSL member

Kahu Sunshine review 26.2.20 by Alys Hunter, SSL member Hi Salisbury Sling Library! I borrowed your Kahu waterproof buckle carrier fresh from the box this week. We tried it out today so I thought I would give you my thoughts (as requested by Alice!). So it’s a soft, structured carrier with buckles, and is suitable … Read more

Mamaruga Zebulo review by Nam Taan Mestre, SSL member

Zebulo review 12.1.18 by Nam Taan Mestre, SSL member Now being a big fan of Mamaruga, my latest hire was the new release from Mamaruga called the Zebulo. It’s called the Zebulo because it combines features from their zensling and buckle carriers. My hire was in beautiful ‘glittering sky’ design It’s really easy to put … Read more

Wrapahula win. – by Carol Kite, SSL Consultant

Wrapahula win 9.10.18 by Carol Kite, SSL Consultant Here at Salisbury Sling Library we have a soft spot for Wrapahula wraps and ring slings. The patterns are strong and exciting and the colours often vivid and striking. These are no ordinary wraps and have depth and texture that help to make wrapping easier. If you … Read more

Water slings – by Carol Kite, SSL Consultant

Water slings 27.7.18 by Carol Kite, SSL Consultant Water slings are generally made from a soft-touch, breathable fabric that can be worn in the water.- some are mesh others a polyester fabric. The material  is non absorbent which means you can take your baby into the sea, pool or shower and it remains comfortable for you … Read more

Holiday hire Beco 8 – By Nam Taan Mestre, SSL member

Holiday hire – Beco 8 . . . 5.4.18 By Nam Tann Mestre, SSL member We love the Beco 8 because: • All season carrier. When it gets hot just zip down the front panel to reveal the mesh airflow section which conveniently folds into a small pocket so it doesn’t dangle anywhere. • Has … Read more

On our travels. . . – by Nam Taan Mestre, SSL member

On our travels. . . 8.8.17 by Nam Taan Mestre, SSL member It has been a long time since I’ve written anything so I hope my attempts of trying to write about our experiences will help others on deciding on their next carrier… Going on holiday with a toddler is hard enough, now add in … Read more

Connecta Toddler review – by Lucy, SSL member

Connecta Toddler review 19.9.16 by Lucy, SSL member We tried the Connecta toddler carrier with petite straps. There is also a standard and pre school size available. All can be bough with either standard or petite straps. From their website: ‘We make the best baby carrier in the world. A baby carrier for BOTH parent … Read more

Review of Fidella Fusion – by Lucy, SSL member

Review of Fidella Fusion 14.8.16 by Lucy, SSL member This sling is made by Fidella who have carried out a conversion whereby a woven wrap, (also made by Fidella) is transformed into this toddler size full buckle carrier. This means you get all the cushiony softness of a quality woven wrap but in the form … Read more